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Beautiful Lake Bunyonyi 11.04.2013
When things go bump in the night! 23.03.2013
Boat Safari Bliss 23.03.2013
To the borderline and back... 25.08.2011
Cruising the Crater Lakes 15.07.2011
An Easy Rider I Ain't! 16.05.2011
Update 16.05.2011
A City of Seven Hills 06.05.2011
To those of you I have offended... 04.05.2011
All Kinds of Chaos in Kampala! 03.05.2011
The Love Boat 03.05.2011
Saanane Island 29.04.2011
Déjà vu! 28.04.2011
One wrong turn deserves another... 28.04.2011
Striking out on my own again. 27.04.2011
Trains, Plains and a short little ride on a scooter. 25.04.2011
Free Safari 25.04.2011
How much for your motorbike? 24.04.2011
Is Tanzanian hospitality a victimless crime? 21.04.2011
What do you mean there is no ferry this week?? 21.04.2011
Karonga to Mpulungu in a day... What was I thinking?? 20.04.2011
Matola Madness in Malawi 19.04.2011
A lucky break in Livingstonia 18.04.2011
Mucking around and making friends in Mzuzu 15.04.2011
Beach Boys = Bad News 14.04.2011
Operation Double Dip 13.04.2011
Family Values... 12.04.2011
Rainy Day in Nkhata Bay 12.04.2011
Roadtripin in Malawi 09.04.2011
A Close Shave and a Crisis of Consciousness 09.04.2011
Some much needed R&R... 07.04.2011
Long day in the saddle 07.04.2011
So long Livingstone... 06.04.2011
The Lion Walk 06.04.2011
Finally... Victoria Falls! 05.04.2011
Still no backpack... 04.04.2011
First bump in the road. 04.04.2011
Technical Issues 01.04.2011
It begins... 31.03.2011
Better late than never... 24.03.2011